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Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Engineers
Featured Undergraduate Alumna: Pamela Vong

Taken from Multicast, Fall 2016

Pamela Vong graduated from URCS in 2008, one of only two women to fraduate that year. Pam was the first undergraduate the department sponsored to attend the Grace Hopper Conference (in 2007). She has lived in Washington, D.C., for the past six-plus years and is currently working for InfernoRed Technology, where her official title is "Tech Wizard." She consults in a wide range of software development projects (from LOB systems to mobile apps) and for a wide range of clients (including start-ups and nonprofits).

Ed: In 2007, you became the first undergraduate to be funded by the Department of Computer Science to attend the Grace Hopper Conference. You were able to attend GHC again in 2015. Comparing 2015 with 2007, what has changed?

P.V.: The conference in 2015 was almost nine times bigger than it was in 2007. When I went as an undergrad, there were about 1,400 attendees, which felt huge to me at the time becuase I had never been around so many technical women before!

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