Executive Manager

Hello! My name is Ruki and I am the President of Women in Computing. I am currently majoring in Computer Science, Anthropology, and Film/Media Studies. I hope to make WiC an inclusive environment and empower marginalized communities within the computing field. I also enjoy cooking and making *not so serious* food videos.

The Executive Manager is on the CSUG executive board and is responsible for attending board meetings while representing the Women in Computing in all CS related events. While acting as a leader, they must oversee all URWIC events and outreach programs.

Event Coordinator

Hi guys, my name is Thu, but you can call me ‘Two’, ‘Too’, ‘Thoo’ – I love every versions of my name. I am a rising sophomore from Hanoi, Vietnam, Computer Science major, BCS and Business minor. In my free time, I really like jogging, baking, watching lifestyle videos and cooking Vietnamese food.

The Event Coordinator is responsible for contacting various appropriate organizations in order to provide fun and educational experience for female computer scientists. This involves high organizational skills to book rooms, order food, and foresee future festivities.

Outreach Coordinator

Hey everyone! My name is Ji-Ze (pronounced like “pizza” with a J ^_^ ), and I am planning to be a CS and Neuroscience double major. As the Outreach Chair of WiC, I help to organize on-/ off-campus co-sponsorships with various organizations, and hope to create a welcoming atmosphere for all CS students. In my free time, I like traveling to different places and meeting new people. I am super excited to get to know you all!

The Outreach Coordinator connects with clubs/organizations on or off campus in order to to sponsor and organize outreach events.

Public Relations Chair

Hi! My name is Maisha, and I’m the Public Relations (PR) Chair of WiC. I’m a senior (‘19) majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Political Science. WiC has been a beloved home for me at UR. Anyone interested in joining is welcome! I love meeting new people, reading, and cooking Bangladeshi foods :)

The Public Relations Chair is responsible for advertising and publicizing URWiC events as well as maintaining URWiC’s social media profiles.

Social Chair

Hello World! I am Carolina and I am the social chair of Women in Computing. I am majoring in Computer Science. Outside of class, I like to watch memes and play the piano! :D

The Social Chair is responsible for bi-monthly coding parties as well as the social events and mixers with other clubs.

Web Manager

Hi! My name is Qianyi. I am the web manager of WIC. I am a junior majoring in Data Science and Financial Economics. I like playing badminton and planting.

The Web Manager is responsible for maintaining and expanding the UR WiC website. In addition to updating information for the current year, they are charged with adding new features to reflect the growth of the organization. In order to fulfill the requirements, the Content Manager must be proficient in HTML, CSS, and Terminal.


Outreach Committee

Andrea Clark-Sevilla

Asude Baykal

Conley Ernst

Shuran Zhang

The outreach committee coordinating with groups off-campus for events like Girls Who Code, Coding With the Community, volunteering at local schools, and annual events with the Girls Scouts. Can also help look for more cosponsorship opportunities, both on and off campus.

If you have any question about or want to join outreach Committee, contact outreach Chair, Ji-Ze Jang.

Social Committee

Gabrielle Vildaver

Helen Shammas

Larissa Rose

Winnie Wan

The social committee is in charge of planning the social events for WiC! Our events are aimed to bond WiC members! Some of our program highlights include: 1) The mentor & mentees Program Mentees are partnered with an upper-class mentor Mentors: Sophomores and Older (Depends on 2nd-year experience) Mentees: Sophomores and Younger 2) Monthly club bonding events Movie and game nights, going out to eat together, etc. Socials with other clubs! Like CSUG or Society of Women Engineers!

If you have any question about or want to join Social Committee, contact Soccial Chair, Carolina He.

Event Committee

Anna Zimmerman

Fariha Kawser

Syeda Shahrin

Anh Nguyen

Linda Vasavong

The Events Committee is aimed to create academic events within the WiC Community. Some examples of the events are: Interview Preparation, Research Panels, Career, job, and internship workshops, Projects for academic success within CS community. The Events Committee is within WiC while the Outreach Committee is outside of WiC

If you have any question about or want to join Event Committee, contact Event Chair, Thu Hoang.

Publicity Committee






Publicity committee is the marketing arm of WiC. Helps design flyers and other marketing tools. Coordinates the social media presence of WiC & can design other things as ideas come up (i.e. sweatshirt designs were from this committee!). Always looking for more innovative ways to market WiC to the UR community. *If you're a good photographer/want photography experience, we are also looking for someone in that role!

If you have any question about or want to join publicity Committee, contact Publicity Chair, Maisha Idris.

Diversity Committee




The diversity committee is tasked with bringing to light underrepresented groups in Computer Science. Past events have included a photo campaign (#SupportWomenInCS) & a series of interview videos with faculty, students, and alumni in CS (to be released soon!).

If you have any question about or want to join diversity Committee, contact Diversity Chair, Maisha Idris.