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What Is CSC172H?

CSC172 is URCS's Data Structures course. It has the standard curricular content of such a course, with the addition of TA-led programming laboratories and peer-led Workshops. Normally the "H" suffix denotes "honors", but an "X" for experimental would have been more accurate.

The nineteen 172H students in Fall 2014 were all first-semester freshmen (class of 2018). They had passed a Java proficiency test (a subset of the CSC171 final exam) during orientation. In teams, they undertook a term-long Project, including team selection and organization, project planning and development, reports, and final public presentations. The term project was all in place of CSC172's normal professor-assigned set of 4 or 5 different programming projects. Otherwise 172H students had the same lectures, labs, workshops, and exams as 172 students.

This website features the projects from all five teams.

  1. Distributed Computation

    Colin Pronovost
    Student Webpage
    Presentation Candids

  2. Jamsesh

    Ben Dantowitz, Edward Du, James Rutledge, Thomas Pinella, Stephen Watson
    Student Webpage (use Safari on OSX for video)
    Presentation Candids

  3. Whiteboard

    Joel Kottas, Noah Christiano, Shir Maimon, Jacob Roschen
    Student Webpage
    Student Presentation Candids

  4. URPG

    Jacob Niebloom, Bradley Beyers, Alex Hankin, Santiago Loane, Aaron McClure, Graeme McGuire, Naropa Perez, Hayden Schiff
    Student Webpage, Current state, hosted offsite.
    Webpage of 1/1/2015, hosted at csug. Presentation Candids

  5. Arduino Monitor

    Ben Ackerman
    Student Webpage
    Presentation Candids

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